Inspired by creating clothes for my baby cousins out of old shirts from my grandfather, The Plaid Peach specializes in upcycling old clothing into new clothes and toys for a new generation.

All of our clothing and toys are made from clothes found at thrift stores, yard sales, or sent to us by our customers.  We love taking clothes with sentimental value and creating something new for the next generation.


We love to create toddler vests. They’re just too cute with those tiny accent pockets.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals upcylced from used clothing are super soft and fun. Easy to customize to match baby’s nursery.

Bright and Fun

Bright fun colors and contrasting patterns.


Tiny Pockets! We love detailing like accent pockets.

Custom Orders

Like the style but want it personalized? Have some old clothes you want upcycled? We happily take custom orders.

The Vest That Started it All

It all started with a vest for my baby cousin Charlie, made from a shirt that belonged to my grandfather, Charlie’s namesake.

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The shirt that started it all.

The shirt that started it all.

It's a great day over here at the Plaid Peach. We have finally opened our ETSY store! Today was always our launch day, but I've been down sick for almost a week which really put finishing our inventory quite a bit behind. (Check it out!) I also finally found the...

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"Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." -Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers)  Do you remember the time when you had to throw out your favorite shirt because you either a) shrunk it, b)"ruined" it, or c) out grew it? I...

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