Lighting Print

For the lighting folks. Making sure actors have a light to find.

Stage Management Print

For the stage managers, always keeping us organized, on time, and caffinated.

Costumes/Wardrobe Print

For the seamstresses, tailors, first hands, and wardrobe crew. Keeping all those actors from being on stage naked.

Sound/Audio Print

For the sound engineers and designers, making sure the mix is right and the music sounds good.

Scenic/Carpentry Print

For the scenic artists and carpenters, building and painting all the beautiful scenery.

Entertainment/Theatre Masks Preorder

The entertainment world asks, and Plaid Peach will deliver! Are you an entertainment technician looking for a mask that is related to what we do? Look no further. We have created our own fabric designs that highlight the entertainment world. We are offering patterns for lighting, stage management, costumes/wardrobe, scenic/carpentry, and sound.

As these are custom printed fabrics, it will take about 3-4 weeks to receive it, and then another 10-14 days to make masks. As such we are taking pre-orders to gauge interest and how much fabric we need. You will be invoiced for your order once we have the fabric in house.

These masks will be built the same as all of our other masks, you will be able to choose your size and you have a choice of elastic or cotton ear-loops or ties.

As this is a premium, custom product, the prices will be as follows (shipping included):

  • 1-2 masks – $12/each
  • 3 or more – $10/each
  • If you would like to add on additional masks from our normal stock, we will apply the current quantity discounts.

Additionally, $1 from every mask purchased through this pre-order will be donated to the Behind the Scenes (BTS) charity that supports entertainment technicians in need due to serious illness or injury.

You can take a look at the fabric swatch to the left and below.

If you are interested in other entertainment industry type patterns, please let use know. We are open to other custom orders, and we are happy to discuss pricing and minimum quantities.

Preorder Form

Use the form below to submit your preorder request.

We aslo highly recommend that you read our Care and Fitting guide, as well as our disclaimer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either here through our website form, or on facebook at