Hand-Dyed Embroidery Floss



I am so excited to begin bringing you hand dyed embroidery floss!

I wanted to create something with more variation and texture. As I use an ice dye process, this allows the dyes to split, creating movement and depth.  In this process no two hanks will be the same, although hanks of the same dye batch will work together well.

Dyed from 100% Cotton 6 strand floss in small batches; our hanks are a little over 10 yards (?? grams opps forgot to weigh for the grams–did you need the grams?) This makes them a little bigger than your average hank of DMC.

Current Colors:

2307 – Bog Witch. This green has all the hues of the forest, swamp, bog, and moss you could ask for.

2308 – Bog Moss. This green also has all the hues of the forest, swamp, bog, and moss you could ask for, with coppery hues & patina highlighting through out.

Are 2307 & 2308 the same? Nearly… Honestly, If I threw them all in one bag together, I probably couldn’t pick out a difference but since they were dyed separately, one batch with fewer browns dyes and winding up with a bit more coppery hues. 

2309 – Will-o-the-Wisp.  This blue is light and airy. Perfect for the sky, waters, flowers, wisps.

2310- Fae Fog – If the Fae created a fog it would shimmer and pops of color would peek through the shadows, so does this color way. Don’t eat anything they offer you and don’t tell them your name.

As I continue to create new color ways I’m always open to suggestion–what would you like to see next? 



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