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Plaid Peach Creator’s Monthly Creator’s Kit is perfect for textile artists!

Born from a love of subscription boxes, gift baskets, surprises, and craft supplies I bring you a Monthly Creator’s Kit!

Each month I will curate a unique set of supplies for textile creators based around a theme. It may be as simple as  a color or as specific as a quote, show, or reference. We will let the fabric, and supplies take the lead–inspiring our each month’s surprise collection. The theme will not be revealed until after folks have received their kits! As part of our on going commitment to diverting things from the landfill some of the items in your kit may be from second hand shops, especially our local second-hand craft stores. Each kit will also contain two large (10+ yard) hand-dyed hanks of embroidery floss to match the kit.

While this kit is “aimed” at folks who are textile arts (sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch etc) it could be used by makers of all kinds. 

Each package includes:

  • $20-25 value, including free shipping.
  • A fat quarter of second hand fabric*. This yardage may come from our current stock, vintage fabric finds, or second hand shops. All yardage will come pre-washed, & ironed, ready to use. Most month’s fat quarters will be cotton or cotton blends. Some precut fat quarters may shrink in this prewash.
  • Two large hand-dyed hanks of embroidery floss. (approx. 10+ yards of 6 strand cotton floss in two unique colorways).
  • Two hanks of coordinating second hand embroidery floss. (We will do our best to source full hanks, some packages may receive 3 hanks if we feel they are on the smaller side of the yardage spectrum. Hanks may come in their original packaging or wound on cards.) 
  • A surprise notion or tool. As we expand our creator’s shop we may release new or exclusive items in the creator’s kit first. These may include specialty thread bobbins, needle minders, needle keepers/books, frames for small embroidery projects and more. Have an idea? we’d LOVE to hear about! These items may be crafted by me, or printed in-house on our laser cutter, 3d printer, or resin printer.
  • Other surprises. We may include a swatch of felted wool, trim, buttons or another fun surprise depending on our finds and the them.
  • A sweet treat or surprise.  It’s probably gonna be a little chocolate…
  • An inspiration card with details about all the items in your kit & ideas to use it.

Add-ons Options:

Pouch, your kit will ship in a small to medium pouch handmade by me! These pouches may have a zipper, button, or snap(s). They could be any fabric in-house but wouldn’t include things like swears. (Swears pouches available by custom order.)

The Starter, or (re)Starter ‘s Kit: Includes an embroidery hoop, base fabric (embroidery or cross stitch), mini needle pack, and a random rainbow of embroidery floss. Perfect to kickstart your creating if you’re just starting out, OR if you just want a fresh hoop & some basics to supplement your current supplies. Add a Starter Kit to your order here.

The Shiny Bits Kit: Includes an assortment of shiny bits to embellish your creations. Metallic threads, sequins, or beads. Each kit is a surprise! Add a Shiny bits kit to your order here.

Small Parts Disclaimer: These kits are made with small parts, not for children. Many of the components of these kits are second-hand, vintage, and upcycled items.

Additional information


Shipping Timelines–
Each month's kit will ship between the 7th and the 10th of the month.


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