Cloth Masks for Medical Professionals


The masks on this page are special for our front-line medical professionals. We are happy to donate your masks, all we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping. If you can’t cover the cost of shipping, see the notes below.

If you are getting donated masks and masks for personal use, shipping is covered by your personal masks purchase.

If you would like some of our 3D printed nose clips or earsavers, please put that in your order notes and we will include them for you at no cost!

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Our cloth masks are made from two layers of high quality cotton fabrics. We use materials and methods that are recommended by the CDC and many state health departments.

  • If possible we would love it if you can at least cover the cost of shipping of your masks. Shipping is a flat $5. If you can’t cover the shipping, you may use the coupon code “MASK” to get free shipping.
  • If you choose the local (porch) pickup, we will waive the shipping cost.
  • If you are getting donated masks and masks for personal use, shipping is covered in the price of the personal masks.
  • As the CDC and many states and municipalities have started requiring masks when out in public or visiting essential businesses, our order volume is very high. It may take up to 2 weeks to complete your order. Please keep this in mind as you place your order.

Disclaimer (abridged):
We do not make medical claims in regard to the use of our masks. Please consult your medical professional to learn more about medical masks and how you can obtain one. We do not take any responsibility if our masks are used for purposes they were not created for.
**Please read the full disclaimer for additional information.**

Additional information


Masks should fit snugly against your face. The top edge of the mask should sit on the bridge of your nose, and the bottom should be under your chin.

We offer three sizes for purchase:
Adult Large
Adult Small
N95 Cover

We offer the N95 cover size for medical professionals only.

Fabric Choices

Simple/Plain – Either plain sold colors or very simple patterns
Fun – "loud" colors or prints
Kids/Character – Kids appropriate. May have: cartoon, comic, superheroes, etc. (we cannot take requests due to volume)

As we are working from our current stock of fabrics, we cannot accommodate special requests. We ensure all of our fabrics are "safe for work."

Tie Options

We offer you the option to get your masks with elastic or cotton ties. If you chose ties, you will be able to tie them however you like. If you choose ear loops, we will make elastic loops that go around your ears.


For donated masks, we ask that you try to cover the cost of shipping at $5. If this is a hardship, you can use the discount code "MASK" to discount the shipping.

If you order masks for work and masks for personal use, the shipping is already included with purchased masks.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns.


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