Our Story

My Grandpa Brown’s favorite color is plaid. When he passed away in 2010 none of the grandchildren had any kids of their own. We all held onto a few of his many plaid shirts. In 2015, my cousin had a baby and named him Charlie, after our grandfather–she came to me with one of those shirts and said: “will you make something for baby Charlie”. The first vest and jumper were born, and so was The Plaid Peach.

Our purpose is to upcycle sentimental or discarded clothing into something new for the next generation. We specialize in matching plaids, stripes and prints in fun combinations. Along with our clothing we also create toys in a vintage style inspired by the toys my Grandmother made for years. We are still using some of her mother’s 1936 patterns today.

Our Materials

About 80% of our materials are upcycled: found at yard sales, or thrift stores, or sent to us from your own closets. We use anything from shirts, dresses, jeans, sheets, curtains, and every now and again we even find a fabric that another crafter has sent on for a new life. We do our best to use every scrap

Why upcycle? We give a second life to clothing that otherwise would be trashed or scrapped and hope to reduce a bit of waste on the earth. We can take a shirt with a hole, an ink spill, or even stained armpits salvage the remaining fabric and create something new. Whenever possible we like to reuse original details like the button strips, pockets and other interesting details. Sometimes you’ll see a full adult sized pocket on a kid’s vest other times there might be a pair of pockets from a different fabric–each item created is one of a kind. Another advantage to upcycling is that we can use higher quality fabrics than are often found in your local big box craft stores for less.