It’s a great day over here at the Plaid Peach. We have finally opened our ETSY store! Today was always our launch day, but I’ve been down sick for almost a week which really put finishing our inventory quite a bit behind. (Check it out!)1465770_10151825108756446_521520807_o

I also finally found the photos of baby Charlie that started all of this. But before we get to the baby a bit about my Grandpa, Charlie Brown. His favorite color is plaid. One of my favorite memories is the camping trip he and my grandmother took me on through southern Utah when I was about 11 (picture to the right). He taught theatre, was a farmer, and loved all of his grandchildren fiercely.

12294683_10154217366658968_8111288500211926190_nTo the left we see him in the light yellow seersucker shirt my cousin lovee to see him in. Not quite the outlandish plaids that were my favorite, but it also reminds me of him. Fast forward a few years. Our Grandfather has passed away; three of the grandchildren are married and there are five great-grand children. Three to my cousin Charlene and two to her brother, Bryant. When baby Charlie was born Charlene came to me and asked to use that shirt to make something for the baby. I gleefully accepted the challenge. I am so glad to actually have a way to put hisIMG_3067 clothes to use. It seems silly, but, I too have a set of (very plaid) shirts of our grandpa’s that sit in a drawer. At least now I have a purpose to save them.

The first thing I made was this giant jumper–using up a fair amount of the fabric. I wanted to keep the original pocket so it’s probably a 12-18 month size jumper depending on the baby. But she wanted to have something for the baby’s blessing around 3 months (similar to a christening). I decided to make him a vest which he could wear over whatever white outfit she put him in. So, the first vest was created!

IMG_3226   IMG_3215   IMG_3425

He’s too cute… and he loves having his clothing changed or being measured. Start to put something on or take it off and he’ll immediately erupt in a fit of giggles. This was Charlie around about 1 month, I think.

Ok now fast forward to his actual blessing, which was on our grandfather’s birthdate. When we could barely squeeze him into the vest!  Don’t worry, when he actually fits into that jumper he’ll make another appearance here!

12604670_10156532192560599_1640047248147071989_o   12474072_10156532182065599_1429604287554056737_o   12439337_10154017216668968_3689541589181359732_n