recycle denimHappy Earth Day! 

At The Plaid Peach we try to recycle and reuse every scrap of material we can. This week we’ve been focusing on denim. Did you know that denim is one of the most thirsty fabrics out there? Cotton it’s self is a thirsty crop and so takes a lot of water to grow–the denim manufacturing process also takes a lot of water.It takes approximately 1800 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans.  I’m not saying we should all ditch the cottons and wear 100% polyester but, it’s important that we get as much use out of our beloved jeans as possible.

torn jeansSpeaking of a well loved pair of jeans… I have finally ripped a hole in the thigh of my favorite jeans large enough to warrant considering what’s really next for these beauties. I”ll admit it, i’ve been wearing them for months around the house with “manageable” holes a little to proud to admit it was time. They just fit so perfectly I’m not sure I can bear to cut them up yet, I just may patch and try to get a few more months out of them. (A piece of advice: patch/repair/reinforce things before the the hole because large enough to stick your foot through by accident.)

IMG_4353Right now we are up-cycling our own jeans and a few friends’ into some cute plushies. The stability of the denim in the legs helps these guys stand up a bit more than their lightweight counter parts and because the denim is pre-loved it’s softer than using new materials–ready for snuggles.

IMG_4520Coming up next we are designing some dog and cat toys from denim using our scraps as stuffing. (We really do use every piece!) Be on the look out for some dog bones, denim mice, and other new denim products in May.

What’s next for your jeans? My summer project is *hopefully* a denim picnic blanket–durable and adorable.