Hello Plaid Peachers,

We’ve been in limbo for a long time. Fall of 2016 we packed up our house and moved cross country. Just as we were starting to set up shop in 2017 we were hit with a major surprise! A baby! Due to have a baby in Sept. 2017 I did some work in the studio until I went on a little vacation in March. When I returned we started a serious house hunt in PA, and the packing began, so the sewing slowed down. In June we closed on our house and moved, and I packed up and headed off to summer camp in Maine. I returned home 8 months pregnant and we did as much unpacking as possible before our own little peach made her appearance.

The first four months with E have been a whirlwind! It’s hard to believe that she’s been here this long already. And she’s figured out how to shove all of her Plaid Peach toys into her mouth (turns out the giraffes are the easiest for biting).

Now that things are starting to settle in to our new life we’re starting to look at what’s ahead. Right now we’re working on our Small Batch Manufacturer’s Registration, where small businesses register to be compliant with child safety in the U.S. and later this month we’ll be launching our very own Plaid Peachers Facebook Group where you can find out our workings, share your Plaid Peach favorites, find out about sales in advance, and we will feature our current inventory. We’re planning to re-open our shop for custom orders in February. In the summer, E and I will return to Maine for another season at camp and in the fall we will hit the ground running with our open shop and craft markets around Pennsylvania.

And as our own little peach grows we’ll show you some ways to upcycle around the house. This week we’ve been working on upcycling holey flannel pajama pants into cloth wipes and burp cloths. We’ll tell you all about it in our next post!